Band Battle is an ongoing project. It's about an animated band and their struggle towards stardom. It's been a project that's allowed me to practice a lot and try out new things. It features some illustration, writing, design, and animation. View it's progress at
I wanted to incorporate different types of motion into this project, so I began with a few gif animations styled after pixel animations. 
Home video type animations were created to bring more life to the characters. The videos were meant to show that these characters, with all the passion they have, can really only "air guitar" and don't actually know how to play their instruments. Since they're dreamers, they'll pop on the video cam and tape themselves performing. Characters were built in Ai and all animated in Ae. The home video grain and effects were added in Ae also. This was my first attempt at character animation on these platforms.
As I said, the project is ongoing and can be watched at our Instagram @bandbattle and at the band's website