Reed's Ginger Brew

A re-brand for the Reed's Ginger Brew beverage

A re-brand of Reed's Ginger Brew beverage. This re-brand was for a school assignment and has undergone many revisions. It originally had this southern Californian, gradient-y, outdated design and I wanted the new Reed's too have more of a Jamican vibe. I love this drink, and so it was a pleasure to work on. 
The new design appeals to the organic friendly natural flavors of the Jamiacan recipe, which the company claims to use. I thought this image would be more interesting. No wanting to appear too stereotypically Jamaican (Rasta colors, Bob Marley, etc) I chose to go for a more afro-jazz style. This also would feature the bright colors and some patterns one would see in typical African textiles. I used the typeface Clarendon, along with a painted typeface I created to give it that handwritten feel you might see on a local sign at a barber shop. The main image was actually lifted from African barbershop signage. I felt this re-brand was refreshing, even though it goes in a completely new direction from what the brand already conveys.
Below there are 3 label designs and then an iteration for a packaging mockup.
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