To commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of World War I, I went with a group(The Laycock Center of BYU, under Jeff Sheets) to Europe to create this campaign for a faith promotion site called Faith Counts. I was able to go through hundreds of old WWI images and select those seen in the video. During the trip we went back to those same locations of the images and filmed their present state. This took us through Belgium, France, Germany, and Luxembourg. 

The main event we wanted to capture and recognize was the events of the Christmas Truce, where French and German soldiers called a truce during an evening around the Christmas season, and shared a moment together. The idea of change, transformation, and creating peace was what we wanted to capture. 

Later, I took part in the team that created the motion effects, along with Craig Bishop, Holly Brinkeroff and studio Nocturnal. It was an amazing experience. I also ate a lot of Belgian waffles.